The CCUS Guitar Chord notebook has just been released in order to help brothers and sisters to play our songs on the guitar during visits or where ever God prepares.

Many souls long to hear something that speaks to your spirit and have the need for things that were inspired by the spirit and grace of our God.

Now… on to the presentation, the CCUS Guitar Chord Notebook, contains all 450 Hymns and 7 choruses.

Each hymn follows the strumming of the chords, so you don’t have to waste time on the internet searching for the right chord, and most cases not even finding it.


capa editada


346 Peace , be still

In the CCUS Guitar Chord Notebook you will find everything in hand, well organized and easy to understand.

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In the CCUS Guitar Chord Notebook, you’ll find some important tips to better play our songs, photo quality, not to mention all hymns include introduction

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hinos de jovens

No doubt the CCUS Guitar Chord Notebook is a none miss item for brothers who play the guitar and enjoy praising the Lord in visits; or even to sing and play at home with family.

Do not miss this great opportunity to have all the hymns chorded for the guitar.

Learn how to buy, send your message by contact form or by email below.

hinariocifrado@hotmail.com     celsodellarosa@hotmail.com   ccb@hinariocifrado.com

See what he’s talking who already bought


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Celso Nery

Celso Nery, estudou violão clássico durante 5 anos no Teatro Municipal de Santos com o Prof° e Maestro Antônio Manzione, da Camerata de Violões Heitor villa lobos. É músico na CCB e atualmente mantém o blog Hinário Cifrado, disponibilizando Cifras de Hinos e Cânticos Avulsos, para a cara irmandade tocar em seu violão e servir à Deus.

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